Convert html code to image PNG, JPG

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You can use this code to convert html code into images.
Switch imagepng to imagegif, imagejpg as your purpose.

$html_code = "this is the body";

$my_img = imagecreate( 200, 80 );
$background = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 0, 0, 255 );
$text_colour = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 255, 255, 0 );
//$line_colour = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 128, 255, 0 );
imagestring( $my_img, 4, 30, 25, "$html_code",$text_colour );
imagesetthickness ( $my_img, 5 );
imageline( $my_img, 30, 45, 165, 45, $line_colour );

header( "Content-type: image/png" );
imagepng( $my_img );
imagecolordeallocate( $line_color );
imagecolordeallocate( $text_color );
imagecolordeallocate( $background );
imagedestroy( $my_img );

Css to the children nodes based on the number of siblings they have

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Some one ask me "how can style element based the number of children it has?"

in CSS3, styles cannot be applied to a parent node based on the number of children it has. However, styles can be applied to the children nodes based on the number of siblings they have.

/* one item */
li:first-child:nth-last-child(1) {
    width: 100%;

/* two items */
li:first-child:nth-last-child(2) ~ li {
    width: 50%;

/* three items */
li:first-child:nth-last-child(3) ~ li {
    width: 33.3333%;

/* four items */
li:first-child:nth-last-child(4) ~ li {
    width: 25%;

Create a phpFox module

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This tutorial help you get the basic concept & knowledge about phpFox module structure and how it communicate with others.


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Patch fix for Replay in Live HTTP Headers

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Live HTTP Headers  is very useful addon for developer on firefox

But Replay option doesn't work in new FF! since September 2014

How to make "Replay" work again?
Easily, please following these steps

  1. Close firefox if it's opened
  2. Run : Type: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ Enter
  3. CLick on extension folder, Ex: yourprofile.default\extensions\
  4. Search for "livehttpheaders.jar", then open the folder contained livehttpheaders.jar
  5. Download this patch: Patch fix Replay Live HTTP Headers 
  6. Uncompress the downloaded file into that folder
  7. Done.

How to disable updatedb? /usr/bin/updatedb

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Sometimes you can see /usr/bin/updatedb running cause high load.
a question is posed. is It necessary to keep updatedb?

Just do the following step to find out the answer

  1. First find out where the program is located on disk.
    $ type updatedb
    updatedb is /usr/bin/updatedb
  2. Next find out what package provides updatedb.
    $ rpm -qf /usr/bin/updatedb
  3. See if anything requires mlocate.
    $ rpm -q --whatrequires mlocate
    no package requires mlocate
  4. Nothing requires it so you can remove the package.
    $ yum remove mlocate

How to get original visitor IP from Cloudflare

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Clouldflare use header params:  HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP to provide original IP

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Build multi-platform IOS, Window mobile, Andorid app with Intel XDK

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Mobile development with web technologies is nothing new. Thanks to tools like PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium, web developers can create hybrid apps that have access to the device's hardware. A new solution for HTML5/CSS/JavaScript development is Intel's XDK. In this article, I'll tell you why it's worth giving it a try.

If you are involved with mobile development, you've probably heard of or used tools such as PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium. These tools allow web developers to use their web development skills to create hybrid mobile apps.
Last year, Intel purchased appMobi and packaged their development tools into the Intel XDK. This streamlined, unified product is a complete toolset for mobile development. A developer can go from the first lines of code to a fully compiled application in with just one set of tools. And best of all, the XDK is free to download.

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