With fast processing websites in huge demand, developers have switched their preferences. From adding new functionality, to make their responsive frameworks lightweight while ensuring seamless and fast processing across all devices. Having a lightweight and responsive website is the need of the hour as visitors usually don’t prefer sites that take time to load.
In this era of speed, all you need is a lightweight and solid base to build your responsive website. Here are a few lightweight front-end frameworks that can aid you in your work.

Schema helps you build a lean, lightweight, and responsive UI. It has an all-inclusive collection of CSS that enables easy beginning.
Base is a lightweight, semantic and extensible framework for creating responsive web designs. It enables you to create fixed grids with customized columns, width, padding, etc. You will find buttons, menu components, and forms in its library along with a gamut of LESS mixins for CSS3 gradients, properties, animations and a few utility mixins.
Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that helps you design your site or app easily. It comprises of a robust responsive layout engine, customizable forms, global button elements, support for IcoMoon icon fonts. Moreover, you will find Modernizr, jQuery and Typeplate in Webplate, as these have been included by default along with ton of extra features and tools. The best thing about using Webplate is that all these elements will have similar look on every device.
Emerald is a responsive grid system written in LESS. Or, we can say it is block-element based (opposite to floats) written in compliance with the OOCSS methodology with BEM syntax.
Fluidity is possibly the most lightweight completely responsive CSS framework available. With HTML being nearly 100% responsive and the 247 bytes of CSS files almost fixes the parts.
Bijou is a compact, lightweight (less than 2kb) CSS based framework that is packed with grids, buttons, tablets, and alerts to give you ultimate joy of designing a responsive website.
Siiiimple provides an easy way to align and format content because of its 12 column CSS grid structure.
Typebase.css is an easy to customize typography stylesheet, because it supports both ‘less’ and ‘sass’ versions. Henceforth, it is easy to modify and merge typebase.css into modern web projects.
Cute Grids
Cute Grid is a 12 column grid, mobile first responsive framework. It includes 5 media queries based on em widths for different device screen sizes to provide complete flexibility.
This super light framework is based on the mobile-first approach of responsive designing. With the help of media queries powering a responsive grid, Spark has made it very simple to build a website.
As you can see there are so many lightweight front-end frameworks to help you create and amazing responsive website or app. If you not yet created a responsive site then its time you do it and pick any of these f