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No longer worry about

Ketnooi Paid Link Bypasser extension for Chrome

Just install this script and enjoy the auto bypassing on that bad websites (currently,,,
This script is compatible with Chrome/Chromium.
Report to me any problem, and.. thanks for using the script!

Version 5.1
- fixed again
- fixed AGAIN bypasser (HiTommy? Really?)
Version 5
- fixed again (nice try I should say)
Old changelogs are available in the script source.

Link download:
Chrome store

- Extract
- Drop n Drag file .crx into Extension manager of chrome

Just comment here to let me know any problem while using this extension

View all animated gifs in a folder at the same time?

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Window don't support this function
So we have to create a html which contain all gifs in the folder

Open notepad, put this text inside:

FOR /F %%G IN ('dir /B *.gif') DO echo ^^ %%G^
 >> gifs.html
Save as "showgifs.bat"

Then run it. The script will generate file gifts.html
Then You can opoen that file with any browser

Replace a color with another with GIMP free photo editor

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In GIMP, to change white to blue:
  • Open the image file
  • menu Colors/Map/Color Exchange
  • Press the colour selection for "From Color". Set R, G and B to all 255. Press OK button.
  • Press the colour selection for "To Color". Set R and G to all 0. Set B to 255. Press OK button.
  • Press OK button.
White and black are special... If you want to translate all other colours then:
  • Open the image file
  • menu Colors/Hue-Saturation
  • Press "Master" button
  • Drag the Hue slider

You can download Gimp portable in :

Replace Colors with the Replace Color Tool in Firework

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Replacing Colors with the Replace Color Tool
It is very easy to change colors in a photo or object with the color swatch tool. Remember that Fireworks looks at color in pixels. No object has the exact color throughout. This is where the tolerance comes in. You want to play with the tolerance until you get the color variation that picks up all the color shades of the color you want to replace. The picture I am using for this tutorial was taken directly from the Fireworks help topics packaged with the program:

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get head content of page with jquery

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You can use this code:
With Jquery

//for example:

With JS:

var headContent = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].innerHTML;

Convert a utf-8 string to a utf-16 string in PHP

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- You could also use iconv.
It's native in PHP, but require that all your text is one charset. Else it could discard characters.

- In other way, mbstring supports UTF-16, so you can use mb_convert_encoding.


Best Lightweight and Responsive Front-End Frameworks

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With fast processing websites in huge demand, developers have switched their preferences. From adding new functionality, to make their responsive frameworks lightweight while ensuring seamless and fast processing across all devices. Having a lightweight and responsive website is the need of the hour as visitors usually don’t prefer sites that take time to load.
In this era of speed, all you need is a lightweight and solid base to build your responsive website. Here are a few lightweight front-end frameworks that can aid you in your work.

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Localize Your Android Apps (Default files and folders)

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Thinking about localizing your android app, well it is without a doubt a great way to popularize your app. Localization is one of the fastest growing trends in the app world today.
Localization is a process to provide resources for your app in accordance with the language setting of the device. The need to provide support of local language on the app is due to the fact that most users prefer reading and communicating in their local language.
Before you jump into this localizing wagon make sure what you want from your app. You want to target only the local audience or global audience as well?
Localizing your app is only beneficial if you’re targeting different regions with variety of languages. In order to appeal to more-and-more users, your app should support texts, currency, audio files, numbers, and graphics according to the locales.
If you want to make your android app global, you need to support local languages. For this you require resource files that are placed in the subdirectories of “res” folder. An additional directory is created inside “res/” which enables you to use a resource in a particular locale. Inside this directory, include a hyphen along with an ‘ISO 639-1 language codes’ at the end of the directory name. After this you can add two optional letters ‘ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 region code’ (preceded by ‘r’).
The inclusion of region qualifier helps in hitting the target resource more effectively. For instance, use ‘-es-rES’ for Espana (Spanish spoken in Spain) and ‘-es-rUS’ for Estados Unidos (Spanish spoken in Latin America), instead of ‘-es’ the language qualifier for Spanish.
Now, when the user runs the app and the device’s language matches the language you have specified, the language resources are loaded.

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Writer SEO hints

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Often you would have observed that some sentences in the articles or blogs are not perfect. This leads to the question that is sacrificing perfect sentence structure the way to find your space in the writing field?
In the lure to write more creative article or blog that appeals to the target audience, an audience that might not have good control over the English language, writers sometimes have to write less-than-perfect but easily understandable content.
This makes the work of editors that more difficult. Writers should not misuse this privilege and imagine no one will notice. In this article, we will take a look at a few common mistakes committed by writers, and how they can avoid committing them.

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How to style the first occurrence of an element inside of another element?

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Here's my problem.
<div id="content">
    <p>First paragraph that needs to be yellow.</p>
    <p>Second paragraph that need not change. :) </p>
    <p>Third paragraph that need not change. :) </p>
If I use #content p:first-child {color:yellow; } it doesn't work because p isn't the first-child of content... h1 is the first born.
How can I do this without touching the HTML code?

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PDO query to fetch all tables

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Execute the query with PDO::query():
If you fetch an associative array, the name of the column will be:
Note: this will list both tables and views. If you must get only tables, use this instead:
FROM information_schema.TABLES 
  AND TABLE_SCHEMA='yourdatabasename';

PHP Fix errors if mbstring is not loaded

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My script work good on shared hosting until hosting disable mbstring

Now my script can't run.
Many functions MB_  mb_strrpos mb_get_info .... get undefined errors.

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