Often you would have observed that some sentences in the articles or blogs are not perfect. This leads to the question that is sacrificing perfect sentence structure the way to find your space in the writing field?
In the lure to write more creative article or blog that appeals to the target audience, an audience that might not have good control over the English language, writers sometimes have to write less-than-perfect but easily understandable content.
This makes the work of editors that more difficult. Writers should not misuse this privilege and imagine no one will notice. In this article, we will take a look at a few common mistakes committed by writers, and how they can avoid committing them.

Understand What You Want To Write
This is one of the most important factors that you need to incorporate in your writing style, if you desire to make writing your profession. You have to recognize your target audience and adjust your writing style according to their reading style only then you can gain their confidence and trust.
But why do these mistakes occur? Often writers stick to the same writing pattern and they write in the same manner that he or she thinks. It can also point to the fact that they are tired, or plainly in the wrong profession. Moreover, it happens because the writer is purposely trying to extend the word count.
Doing this leads to three worst offenses that writer commit: (A) repeating what has already been said, (B) fitting words, and (C) not being sure about lifeless or squinting modifiers.
Difficulty in Writing
Our brain is designed in such a manner that we think in words and few people think, hear or see the words before they write or speak. Few of us think in a less-accurate-language before we speak or write. Mainly because we have adapted to the way we heard other speak those words during our growing up stage.
Therefore, as a writer you need to alter the way you think before you write and even during the editing process.
  • Disturbed Mind
It is a common feeling that whenever we are tired, we care less about what we are doing. A tired person never gives his or her 100% in any work- including writing. With a disturbed mind you will not able to gain complete focus on any task you take upon and make silly mistakes. It extremely difficult to write in such conditions, but often we have no other choice. Additionally, with tired and disturbed mind it becomes extremely difficult to change the thinking pattern to write or edit content.
  • Copy-Paste
Quite a few writers commit this blunder to purposely extend the word count of the content. These writers believe there’s no harm in doing this, while this practice is similar to stealing. They keep doing it until they get caught by the client; else they get away with it because the client doesn’t get a hint about it.
Fixing These Errors
If you want to succeed as a writer and make it a profession, you should be aware about the ways you can avoid these common writing mistakes. Here’s how you do it:
If you have the habit of writing really long sentences filled with unnecessary words. Then try writing the complete paragraph in the same flow and ensure that you are able to put across your point.
Now rewrite it using fewer words, but ensuring your point is clear. Practice this few a times you will get a natural flow without any help from rewriting.
Reduce Redundancy in Your Writing
Often writers try to convey a message using more than one sentence. If it can be conveyed with a single sentence then don’t write another one. Most of us do it occasionally and it is easy to identify and correct it. Here are some examples:
  • This way is the correct way to do it. That way is the correct way.
  • This insect is a weird looking bug. That is a weird-looking bug.

Restrain from Dangling Modifiers
Dangling and squinting modifiers bring-forth the right example of how we think. No one can write flawless content, as our thinking and writing is influenced by our surrounding while we were kids.
At the End
Most of these mistakes occur when writers try to prolong the word count of the content for which they are being paid. Writers should refrain from adopting these tactics as it’s easy for editors to catch them. You just need to think a little and write so as to avoid these common writing mistakes.