Replace Colors with the Replace Color Tool in Firework

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Replacing Colors with the Replace Color Tool
It is very easy to change colors in a photo or object with the color swatch tool. Remember that Fireworks looks at color in pixels. No object has the exact color throughout. This is where the tolerance comes in. You want to play with the tolerance until you get the color variation that picks up all the color shades of the color you want to replace. The picture I am using for this tutorial was taken directly from the Fireworks help topics packaged with the program:

Color Replace Picture
This picture would be a lot more interesting if the flowers contained more colors. We will replace some of the flowers with a deep purple to give it more depth. The Replace Color tool lets you select a color and paint over that color with a different color.
  • Select the Replace Color tool from its pop-up menu:
Color Replace Tool
  • In the From box in the Property inspector, click Swatch.
  • Click the From color well to select the color probe, and select a color from the pop-up menu to specify the color you want to replace.
  • Click the To color well in the Property inspector and select a color from the pop-up menu.
  • Set the other stroke attributes in the Property inspector:
    • Size sets the size of the brush tip.
    • Shape sets a round or square brush tip shape.
    • Tolerance determines the range of colors to replace (0 replaces only the To color; 255 replaces all colors similar to the To color).
    • Strength determines how much of the Change color is replaced.
    • Colorize replaces the Change color with the To color. Deselect Colorize to tint the Change color with the To color, leaving some of the Change color intact.
    • Drag the tool over the color you want to replace.
    The settings I used are shown below:
Color Replace Settings
If you don't want to replace all of the flowers with the deep purple, zoom in and make sure you don't select the area of the flower next to it. I choose not to colorize because I wanted to pick up the lines on the flower. Play around with the settings to see how each setting works on the color application. Here is my finished product:
Color Replace Colored
Here is another example of recoloring a shirt using the Recolor Color Tool:
Red Shirt
Purple Shirt Color

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