What is the difference between Cloud Server (Cloud VPS) with VPS

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Traditional VPS’s do not have centralized storage which means if your node goes down you could be down for hours. If your data is corrupt in a VPS environment it might be gone forever. Also, if you want to scale on your VPS you are limited based on the amount of resources that is on the node your data is on.

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adf.ly, lienscash.com, adfoc.us, bc.vc bypasser extension for Chrome

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No longer worry about adf.ly...

Ketnooi Paid Link Bypasser extension for Chrome

Just install this script and enjoy the auto bypassing on that bad websites (currently adf.ly, lienscash.com, adfoc.us, bc.vc).
This script is compatible with Chrome/Chromium.
Report to me any problem, and.. thanks for using the script!

Version 5.1
- fixed bc.vc again
- fixed AGAIN adf.ly bypasser (HiTommy? Really?)
Version 5
- fixed adf.ly again (nice try I should say)
Old changelogs are available in the script source.

Link download:
Chrome store

- Extract
- Drop n Drag file .crx into Extension manager of chrome

Just comment here to let me know any problem while using this extension

View all animated gifs in a folder at the same time?

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Window don't support this function
So we have to create a html which contain all gifs in the folder

Open notepad, put this text inside:

FOR /F %%G IN ('dir /B *.gif') DO echo ^^ %%G^
 >> gifs.html
Save as "showgifs.bat"

Then run it. The script will generate file gifts.html
Then You can opoen that file with any browser

Replace a color with another with GIMP free photo editor

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In GIMP, to change white to blue:
  • Open the image file
  • menu Colors/Map/Color Exchange
  • Press the colour selection for "From Color". Set R, G and B to all 255. Press OK button.
  • Press the colour selection for "To Color". Set R and G to all 0. Set B to 255. Press OK button.
  • Press OK button.
White and black are special... If you want to translate all other colours then:
  • Open the image file
  • menu Colors/Hue-Saturation
  • Press "Master" button
  • Drag the Hue slider

You can download Gimp portable in :

Replace Colors with the Replace Color Tool in Firework

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Replacing Colors with the Replace Color Tool
It is very easy to change colors in a photo or object with the color swatch tool. Remember that Fireworks looks at color in pixels. No object has the exact color throughout. This is where the tolerance comes in. You want to play with the tolerance until you get the color variation that picks up all the color shades of the color you want to replace. The picture I am using for this tutorial was taken directly from the Fireworks help topics packaged with the program:

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get head content of page with jquery

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You can use this code:
With Jquery

//for example:

With JS:

var headContent = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].innerHTML;

Convert a utf-8 string to a utf-16 string in PHP

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- You could also use iconv.
It's native in PHP, but require that all your text is one charset. Else it could discard characters.

- In other way, mbstring supports UTF-16, so you can use mb_convert_encoding.