6 jQuery Responsive Layout for mobile

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1. app-UI

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app-UI may be helpful to mobile and web developers for developing interactive mobile or web applications using HTML and JavaScript. The animations are hardware accelerated and are rendered using CSS3 translate3d.


2. 960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile

960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile
960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile is a jQuery mobile 960 grid port. It gathers the ease of jQuery mobile and 960 grid system. The plugin aims to bring more easiness and flexibility to jQuery mobile layout and thus make it simpler to use on tablets.

3. jQuery Mobile and multiple pages

jQuery Mobile and multiple pages
This example briefly discusses how to build a simple mobile site with multiple pages.

4. Multi-Page Template

Multi-Page Template
This example adopts a strategy to create pre-fetch multiple pages up front and achieve faster response times when loading sub pages.

5. multiview plugin

multiview plugin
With jQuery multiview plugin, you can create unlimited panels and pages. All the pages and panels are added to the DOM when loading the page.

6. jQuery Mobile Splitview plugin

jQuery Mobile Splitview plugin

jQuery Mobile Splitview plugin helps you to render web pages according to your device’s browser with. Featuring auto-detection, independent panel scrolling, orientation and resize aware, context awareness, deep-link and history awareness and panel specific links.

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