Best 20 FlipBook responsive jQuery

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1. WowBook, create ebooks with page flip

With WowBook, you can easily crate an online publication with two flipping effects. This plugin doesn’t need flash and supports all the major browsers. It also has zoom functionality, keyboard navigation and mousewheel navigation.

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2. Responsive Flip Book powered by jQuery

Responsive Flip Book is jQuery and HTML driven plugin. It has responsive design, video support, slide show, page styling, double pages, page zoom and over 30 background patterns.
Responsive Flip Book powered by jQuery

3. Responsive FlipBook v5 – jQuery

Responsive FlipBook v5 has responsive design, double pages, ajax form, zoom functionality and many more features.
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Responsive FlipBook v5 - jQuery

4. jQuery Flipbook Slider

jQuery Flipbook Slider can be used with any type of content like flash, videos, iframes, html and text. You can flip pages manually with drag n drop. It has automatic pagination, vertical and horizontal layouts and support for all browsers.
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jQuery Flipbook Slider

5. Metro JS

Metro JS is a simple jQuery flip plugin. It supports all the major browsers and able to flip tile mode to flip b/w two tile faces.
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Metro JS

6. Card Flip JS Plugin

Card Flip JS Plugin doesn’t support text but you can use graphics like images etc.
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Card Flip JS Plugin

7. FlipBook

FlipBook collects a sequential time series of pictures and animate theme according to settings. It can also change the animation direction, exclude specific images and re-size to fit the images.

8. BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin

BookBlock creates booklet like component that also allows a page flip navigation. You can use any kind of content like text or images.
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BookBlock A Content Flip Plugin

9. Moleskine Notebook with jQuery Booklet

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Moleskine Notebook with jQuery Booklet

10. FlipPage


11. turn.js

turn.js has the ability to turn your content look like a magazine or real book.
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12. Portfolio Flipping Slider

Portfolio Flipping Slider is able to change your portfolio images when it’s flipping.
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Portfolio Flipping Slider

13. imBookFlip

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14. Flippy

Flippy has many options on flip like onFinish, onMidway, onStart, light, depth, duration, direction, content and color_target.
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15. Flip

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3D FlipBook – Responsive jQuery Plugin

responsive design – book resizes so it fits screen width or screen height depending on the layout, thumbnails are placed horizontally or vertically depending on the layout
flipbook jquery
optimized for mobile – look and feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe, pinch zoom etc
no Flash Player needed – works everywhere
html pages
jpg or png pages
lightbox or full page
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3D FlipBook - Responsive jQuery Plugin

Flipping Cards 3D with jQuery/CSS3

flipCard.css (all the style and effects needed to flip cards)
flipCard.js (all the events needed to trigger the effects)
jquery-1.8.3.min.js (written with jquery)
Simple html markup (all examples are in the index.html file)
jquery flipbook
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Flipping Cards 3D with jQuery CSS3

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