JavaScript QR Code Reader

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I'm doing a bit of preliminary research on an upcoming project and I have a quick question that I figure I'll throw up here while I look elsewhere, in case anyone has any experience with this.
The question is simple: is it possible to read a QR code using JavaScript? Is there a remote service to which I can pass a bitmap object from a camera and do it that way? Are there currently any libraries that allow this?
The project is going to be deployed to various mobile devices and we'd like to try to use Appcelerator to make it work. I know Appcelerator does expose the Camera API on its host devices, but whatever we do with it has to be able to parse QR codes. Is this something that can be done?
Thanks in advance!


There is a JavaScript reader for HTML5 capable browsers:
Works on the latest Firefox and Chrome.

Another solution:
There's a javascript library already, however the comments are mostly in Japanese and there's no documentation.

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